Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Toasted on multiple websites?

Absolutely. Toasted can collect data from multiple websites with different domain names.

What will happen if I go over the pageview limit for my subscription plan?

We will not bill you immediately if you go over the limit. If the traffic we receive is consistently higher than the limit of your plan (for more than a month) than we will contact you by E-Mail to discuss upgrade options.

How can you provide a live visitor count if you do not fingerprint visitors?

The Live visitors counter on your Toasted Analytics dashboard is an estimation based on the amount of pageviews we receive. Since we do not collect personal information we do not have the ability to present a precise number.

You should not trust this metric as it can be inconsistent and incorrect.

Do I need to warn my users if I implement Toasted on my website?

We are compliant with GDPR, regardless of the location of your visits. There's no personal information collected, our JS tracker does not set any cookies or use local storage, therefore there's no need to show any GDPR or Cookie notices on your website.

Is there any way to not collect my own visits?

Yes, we know this can be very helpful.

Go to your Toasted Analytics dashboard, click Integration and follow the third step.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you need to contact us using the in-app chat and we will delete your account and all the data related to your websites we have collected within 7 days.

Can I export the data?

Absolutely. You own all of the data we collect on your behalf. You can request a full data export for all of your websites using Toasted Analytics using the in-app chat.

We will send the export to the E-Mail associated with your account within 7 days.

Can I downgrade my subscription plan?

Certainly, you can.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no way to change the plan in your Toasted Dashboard, you can contact us using the in-app chat or by E-Mail and we will manually change your subscription plan.

Alternatively, you can cancel your current subscription and when the current billing period ends you'll be prompted to subscribe again when you visit your Toasted Dashboard. You'll be able to simply choose the subscription plan you want to upgrade or downgrade to.

If you have any other questions than feel free to contact us using the chat in your Dashboard or on